Tuesday, 13 November 2012

After The AIDS CURE SCAM is "Dr" Peter McHendry trying it on with CANCER PATIENTS NOW?!?!!

Conman Peter McHendry is famous for his internet splogs claiming to have cured AIDS or be able to build your dream home with no money or other ludicrous lies to ensnare unsuspecting and hardworking people to fund his unsavory lifestyle.

Woman Beating

Strip Clubs

Buying BMW's for boyfriends

Stealing building supplies

Passing off Farms and Rest Camps as his own when he owns nothing of any real value.

Lets face it the name Peter McHendry is not worth anything and neither is the word of Peter McHendry.

Everyone knows those that follow the father of lies like Peter McHendry speak only lies and will know the true death when the true God comes to cut them down and so shall Peter Mc Hendry be struck down by the righteous and his lies will turn to snakes and bite him.

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